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Saffron and Spruce is a culmination of both seed and saga, a perfect merger of pitched pine and Pakistan, where east meets west, Minnesota connects with ancient beauty, and artisans creatively weave their handmade stories into your home.

The idea of presenting fine textiles rich in ancient history and artistry was first planted several years ago. Inspired by the diverse artists, art, and culture of the talented creatives of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, the area became my home in 2014. I immersed myself in the processes and products of the Minnesotans who had cleverly cultivated the area into a mecca of creators and craftsman.

I bathed in the artistic talents of my newly discovered niche, deepening my appreciation for beautiful art and the soulful people who create it. An attorney by trade, I focused on refining my skills at spotting the elegant and exquisite, the kind of tasteful art that speaks to your bones and reveals a part of its story with each perusal. This is an intuitive skill I am proud of and continue to hone to this day.

Not long after moving to the arts district, my idea of bringing the finest handmade textiles to the land of ten thousand lakes would take an enlightening global detour to Ciudad de los Reyes (City of the Kings). On a trip to Peru with my family in 2017, I found myself awestruck by the colors and range of textures the Peruvian people breathe into to their weavings. From the brilliant golden yellow and orange hues to the earthy crimson and deep maroon-purple tones, every fiber of my being was mesmerized.

I simply couldn’t get enough, and after spending my days hiking the gorgeous landscapes, I immersed myself in local culture and perused the markets for exquisite frazada rugs. I knew that my love for textiles was coming into full bloom, and I was excited to bring all that I had seen and learned back to Minnesota.

I returned renewed and more connected than ever to the artisans who make our products. Many are women from remote villages and small-town markets who embed in their work the traditions passed down to them for generations. I urgently wanted to connect them in every way I could to homes in Minnesota. I’ve always felt that when a piece of someone, especially in the form of personal art that has been labored over tirelessly, finds a new home, the stories of their creator and all who have contributed become attached and connected forever.

Today, that commitment remains intact, and our story has become one of artistic ambassadors. We not only seek out the most rich and vivid handmade textiles woven by artisans all over the world, but we also hope to shorten the distance between the cultures and stories represented by the people who make them. Your home is a destination for both.

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